Here Are 20 Examples Of Parents Completely Owning Their Children On Facebook

They’ll never live this down.

One of the worst things that can happen to you on Facebook when you’re a teenager or possibly at any point in your life is when you see that you’ve just received a friend request from one of your parents. You can’t exactly ignore it because you’ll just get shouted at, yet you don’t really want to accept it because then your parents will know everything that’s going on in your life and ask you loads of awkward questions, or even worse not really understand how to use Facebook and just end up really embarrassing. Or alternatively just really embarrass you in front of your friends anyway.

Here are examples of such behaviour – some deliberate and some not so deliberate. I’m not really sure which is funnier to be honest. If you enjoyed that check out these celebrity high school yearbook photographs next.

Parents Catching Out Kids On Facebook 1

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