Pipe Smoking Streaker Makes Incredible Rugby Tackle, Sparks Massive Brawl

Streaker Clash Of The Titans

Sign him up.

Streakers are always funny, but every now and then one of them does something that is really funny, like when this player got sent off by the referee for rugby tackling one of them.

This might be even dumber though. There was a rugby match between Northampton and Newcastle universities over the weekend in an event known as Clash Of The Titans and a streaker saw fit to get involved. The streaker ran onto the pitch and immediately went for a player who was running clean through and probably about to score a try.

Obviously sensing the danger, the streaker went for him and somehow managed to take him down and prevent him from breaking through and scoring any points. Unfortunately though – as you might expect – his actions didn’t sit well with members of either team and sparked a humongous brawl, which incited the drunk crowd too.

You might call it a classic university moment – not quite as classic as this Leeds University professor doing a strip tease during a lecture to motivate the students though.


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