VIDEO: Leeds University Professor Does A Striptease During Lecture To ‘Motivate Students’

Watch a Leeds uni professor strip off for his students in the middle of a lecture.

Dr. Ian Lamond, events management lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan uni, went all in when making a point about how to give an exciting sales pitch — he stripped off to his underwear in the middle of the lecture hall and is now facing an investigation after students Tweeted the shit out proceedings.

Just another example of social media and technology fucking everything up for people.

Just the other day we wrote about the man who heinously ruined his ex-girlfriend’s wedding by passing the groom a USB stick containing photos of him fucking her. In the days before mobile phones/USB sticks etc those photos would likely never have even existed.

Now here’s this professor trying to liven things up in the classroom, just being a fun and eccentric dude and making everyone laugh and he’s probably going to get punished for it.

Some may see a man who acted unprofessionally and without dignity, we see an educator going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure his students understood the point he was making.

Big up Dr. Lamond.

Watch below:


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