Straight Pride Leader Accidentally Says “We’re A Totally Peaceful Racist Group”

Freudian slip.

The head of the National Straight Pride Coalition accidentally called his organisation a “totally peaceful racist group” and caused everyone to burst out laughing at a California city council meeting this week.

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As per USA Today, the laughter was so loud that Don Grundmann couldn’t even properly correct himself.

Freudian slip of the century:

That’s the second time that the National Straight Pride Coalition has humiliated themselves this year – first when they called in the bomb squad when someone sent them glitter in the mail, and now this. I mean is this moron really the best representative they could wheel out to speak to the town hall and press? He flopped that speech so hard that I actually feel bad for him. There was no winning back the room after that cock-up.

This person was cracking up so hard she even got up and gave him a standing ovation:

It’s like he’s up there doing open mic comedy or something, except he’s actually trying to be taken seriously when talking about an ultimately unnecessary movement like ‘straight pride’.

Oh well, good luck to Don Grundmann and his crew – I think they’re going to need it.

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