Have you ever thought that a set of traffic lights needed to be sexed up? The Dutch do.

Have you ever looked at a set of traffic lights and thought ‘you know what would make those better traffic controllers? $ex!’. No, neither have I, but apparently some bright spark in Holland thought this would be a great investment of tax payers money and to be fair, I actually would probably pay more attention to it when crossing the road.

The traffic lights have had the ‘little green man’ replaced with the ‘little green couple having $ex’. I wonder how mum and dad are going to explain that one to little Johnny. ‘Mummy why is she bending over…?’.

More practical problems have occurred though as people have been pressing the button just to see the new adjustments, causing traffic to suddenly halt, causing many minor accidents with distracted drivers. Though apparently the lights are there to stay. With Holland being known as a more liberal nation, perhaps Britain may take their lead and introduce some of our social traditions into road signs. I’d love it if they embossed the Queen’s face and a cuppa onto traffic cones nationwide.


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