Steven Spielberg’s Daughter, Mikaela Spielberg, Says Doing Sex Work Has Been ‘Life Affirming’

Posting pics like this and hashtagging your dad is… something.

Steven Spielberg’s daughter Mikaela revealed her aspirations of becoming a porn star earlier this year, and she has kept true to her word given that you can now find videos of her blasting herself with a dildo on Pornhub.

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According to The Daily Beast, Mikaela has now signed up with ManyVids, an adult content platform run by Bella French, shooting live and taped solo cam shows from her home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mikaela says:

My profession is webcamming and solo pay-per-view videos. I’m hoping that webcamming can become a more regular thing for me, and professionally-done pay-per-view videos that are solo can become a regular thing for me. For the most part, I’ll be like every other woman on that platform, producing solo videos for purchase.

From what I gather, it looks like Mikaela takes requests from her audience, for example sucking on a dildo or eating cake in the nude or whatever other freaky shit they’re into. Either way, it sounds like this is exactly the career move Mikaela needed after a pretty rough year which included the 24-year-old being arrested for assaulting her 47-year-old boyfriend (allegedly).

I wanted community, and I wanted to be 100 percent in charge of my own life in a way that was creative and not destructive… I’m really enjoying work, and it’s giving me a whole new life-affirming way to be.

Hmm. I mean there are plenty of ways to find “community” that don’t involve becoming a sex cam worker, but whatever floats your boat. After all – she says it’s life-affirming! Maybe not the path to enlightenment most people are used to but like I said – you have to do your own thing in life and do what makes you happy.

I’ve been given so much, and my hope is that I can give some of that back into the community.

Sounds like she’s giving back plenty! (As long as you pay to watch her videos, that is).

BTW – is it weird to post photos like this on Instagram and hashtag your father in them? Apparently not:

Also doing NSFW photoshoots these days – though not quite to the extent Mikaela is – Noel Gallagher’s daughter Anais. Mama mia!


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