Steven Fletcher Is ‘Unwilling’ To Testify About The State Of Adam Johnson’s Pubic Hair In Court



They’ve hit a bit of a road block at the Adam Johnson trial today, because they can’t find anyone willing to take the stand to testify about the state of Adam Johnson’s pubes.

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The 15-year-old schoolgirl he is accused of engaging in sexual activity with says she knows Johnson keeps his groin area “shaved”, and obviously how else would she know that unless Johnson was doing something he wasn’t meant to be doing.

The former Sunderland player thought that former teammate Steven Fletcher would be the perfect witness to accurately describe his nether regions to a court room full of people, but in the end it turned out that Fletcher was “unwilling” to do so.


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Johnson says the girl is merely “guessing” about the state of his pubic hair.

His defence lawyer Orlando Pownall asked:

Since you pleaded guilty what has the reaction to you from other players been?

Johnson said:

They’ve taken a step back.

Mr Pownall told the court that some former teammates had been due to give evidence for the defence but were now “unwilling” to do so.

Johnson today broke down as he was cross-examined by prosecutor Kate Blackwell QC — who proper ripped into him the other day.


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He told the court he felt “absolutely awful” for his teenage victim and her family as he stood in the witness box.

Pownall asked him:

A lot has been laid bare about you and your relationships with other women and your relationship with Stacey Flounders. You have been called arrogant and it has rightly been said that you have said unkind things to Stacey.

What do you feel now?

Johnson replied:

I feel absolutely awful about what I did to everyone but mainly to the girl and her family.

Johnson denies two charges of sexual activity with a child, and is sticking to his guns over the fact he Googled “legal age of consent” because of Ross Kemp. No, seriously.



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