Bodyguard Fired By Kanye West Rips Into Kanye During TV Interview (VIDEO)

“He’s self-absorbed and condescending.”

The bodyguard who was fired by Kanye West for supposedly chatting up Kim Kardashian didn’t have very nice things to say about Kanye on an interview with Inside Edition the other night.

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Steven Stanulis calls Kanye “self-absorbed and condescending”, and insists he wasn’t even flirting with Kim at all.

Watch below:

Well I suppose Steve Stanulis can kiss his bodyguard career goodbye after this one. What’s the #1 thing celebrities look for in bodyguards (other than to make sure they keep them from being stabbed to death?) – keep your mouth shut. Never talk to the press about anything to do with your employer or job. Doesn’t matter that he no longer works for Kanye, this is just a terrible look for him as a prospective bodyguard airing out his dirty laundry like that. Steve Stanulis just got on every celebrity’s blacklist for sure. Fucked it mate.

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