Steve-O Just Shared A Story About Him And Mike Tyson Going On An Epic Cocaine Bender

Steve-O Tyson

What a night.

Everyone knows that former Jackass star Steve-O has lived one hell of a life and has countless excellent stories to tell, but one of the best of them has to revolve around how he ended up on an epic cocaine bender with none other than Mike Tyson.

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Steve-O was appearing on the latest episode of in-depth with Graham Bensinger and was only too willing to share a bunch of stupid things that have happened to him, including the Mike Tyson story. You can hear that in full below – as well as read a bit of a summary of it – but it’s well worth checking out the whole episode too to remind you what a crazy and messed up life Steve-O has managed to live over the years:

That night we were at a nightclub first and then everybody was going to this after-party and I kind of found out where it was and invited myself along and, you know, like showed up and banged on the door and Mike Tyson opened it. And I was like,’Hi,’ like, is it cool if I come in?

And he’s like, ‘You got any coke?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, I have A LOT. I remember having like half an 8-ball in in one pocket and like, an untouched 8-ball in the other pocket. Which was more than I would usually have.

And so yeah we locked ourselves in this bathroom, just me and Mike Tyson… the year was, I believe, 2005 and we went through ALL of it.

We, like, we were in that bathroom for hours, like hours and hours and before we parted ways he said, ‘You know, Steve, everybody’s got you wrong. You’re a really smart guy.’

And then I just thought, like wow, Mike Tyson just told me I’m smart.

What a heartwarming story. I guess it just goes to show if you’ve got enough cocaine, then anything is possible. Anything.

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