Steve-O Completely Destroyed His Ear In A Stunt Gone Wrong



Steve-O will always be remembered by kids who grew up in the late 90s/00s as the guy who put his body through the wringer for our amusement and it doesn’t look like he’s anywhere near through doing that judging by his latest injury.

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Steve-O was apparently hanging out with former UFC champion Chuck Liddell and desperately attempting to get the legendary fighting injury of a cauliflower ear from fighting with him when something went wrong, leaving his ear looking a shell of its former self. This is some pretty graphic stuff so if you don’t wanna puke your guts out, then I would suggest not scrolling down to take a look at this.

It’s rough:

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Last night in my quest to get #CauliflowerEar, something weird happened and I ended up needing stitches. I put a bunch of glue on it instead, so we could keep filming, then we had another total freak accident and I had to keep piling on more glue to close it again. At this point it’s hard to tell what’s going on with it under all that glue, but what’s certain is that @chuckliddell and I got a whole bunch of hilarious new footage last night. Now I’m off to Columbus, Ohio, where my shows are already sold out — swipe to see what I look like on this airplane, and if you’re in any of the cities we’re headed to next, don’t wait to buy your tickets to see this absurd multimedia show— it’s really the next level of stupid… #SteveOsBucketListTour #GoingEverywhere2019 #ThanksSoMuchEveryone

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Damn Steve-O you really gotta slow down in your old age buddy or you ain’t gonna have anything left whatsoever. Or you’re just gonna end up dead. The guy has cheated death so many times already it’s only going to be so long until the Grim Reaper catches up with him. You’ve done enough man – slow down.

For more Steve-O, check him out suffering major burns a couple of years back. Seriously needs to chill out a bit.


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