Steve-O Jammed A Needle Through His Hand Because It Hurt From Signing Autographs (NSFL VIDEO)


Despite coming off the drink and drugs many years ago, Steve-O is probably just as mental as ever when it comes to mutilating his body and putting himself in unnecessary amounts of pain. 

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 I guess you’ve got to replace the rush of booze & coke somehow, but somehow I don’t think jamming a needle all the way through your hand is the way to do it. But you never know until you try right?

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Or maybe like he said the only reason he did it was because his hand hurt and he thought jamming a needle through it would ‘help’. Again, can’t know for sure until you try. But I think it was just an excuse to see if he could get a little buzz going from it. Gotta be better than all the shit he was on before anyway.

For a video of Steve-O breaking down every drug he’s ever done (spliced with footage of him on said drugs), click HERE. It’s a real eye-opener.


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