Steve-O Breaks Down Every Drug He’s Ever Done With Video Of Him Getting SUPREMELY F-cked Up

Includes never-before-seen footage.

If you’re a fan of Steve-O or have ever watched Jackass, this video is an absolute must-watch.

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Following the success of his video ‘Celebrities I Did Cocaine With’ the other month, Steve-O now breaks down every single drug he’s ever tried and as you can imagine its a pretty comprehensive list:

Alcohol, Marijuana, Acid, Ecstasy, Pills, Shrooms, PCP, Cocaine, Video head cleaner, Aluminum cleaner, Meth, Opium, Nitrous Oxide, Ketamine.

Here’s what he did on some of these substances, including never-before-seen video footage of him getting utterly screwed up on drugs:

What an absolute wildman. Kissing Chris Pontius’s dick, smuggling weed (up his butt) into countries with the death penalty, smoking coke boogers, hallucinating interventions for himself, doing coke every single day… I have no idea how Steve-O is alive but I’m glad he somehow pulled through and got his life back on track (thanks in large part to his old Jackass buddies from the sounds of it).

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