Steve-O Makes Emotional Plea To Bam Margera: ‘I Can’t Save You Brother, You’re Dying’

This is sad.

Bam Margera’s deterioration over the years has been well documented, culminating in his firing from the ‘Jackass’ reunion movie last year in unhappy circumstances as he kept showing up to work completely wasted.

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I don’t think we’ve heard much from the guy recently, but he posted the following worrying message on Instagram the other day where he calls out Johnny Knoxville and Jackass co-creator Jeff Tremaine for being greedy assholes, whilst praising Steve-O for being a good buddy. Steve-O then replied in a now deleted comment:


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Bam, last night you had your five-year-old son with you on stage at my show, and you were blessed with the chance to spend another day or two with him – then as soon as you left my show, you stayed up all night getting loaded enough to think it was a good idea to post more vile nonsense like this.

I hope you understand how awful that is. You say you want to have a relationship with your son, but your actions guarantee the exact opposite will happen.

I brought you on tour with me in hopes that I could get you to see what’s possible for you if you choose recovery.

I’ve tried everything I can, but I can’t force you to get honest and do the work of recovery. I wish you could know how much I’ve hated feeling braced for news of your death, but you’re making it clear that I have no other choice.

You’re dying, brother, and it sucks that I can’t do anything to save you.

Well that’s sad isn’t it? I don’t really know where to start with Bam though, the guy seems to have had more chances/attempts at sobriety than anyone I’ve ever heard of but always seems to relapse and doesn’t seem to want to get back on the straight and narrow for a sustained period of time.

I hope he makes it but when Steve-O and his other friends are posting stuff like this on the internet it doesn’t look too good for the guy. Thoughts and prayers.

For more of the same, check out Bam 69ing some other guy in a coffin and then getting dropped in a pool. Much happier times for the guy.


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