These Spicy Pickle Flavoured Condoms Make Absolutely No Sense


No one asked for this.

I’ve never really understood the point of flavoured condoms, because surely if you’re gonna suck a person’s penis then surely you don’t want a condom on top of it in the first place? I’m not sure as I’ve never sucked one but yeah, the whole thing seems kinda weird to me.

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Even if I can somehow come to accept that though, I don’t think I can understand why there’s a spicy pickle flavour? Surely you would want a nice flavour to suck on to distract you from the fact that you’re sucking a dick in the first place? I dunno.

Anyway, over in India a company called Manforce has released a spicy pickle flavoured condom that is inspired by the Indian dish achaari. Apparently it’s a traditional dish served in the country.

Yeah, still kinda perplexed as to who would want this flavour in their mouth at that moment in time, and this is a view shared by food blogger Rajyasree Sen:

I think Manforce has been very smart about this and it shows they know their audience.

But the million dollar question is, what pickle are they talking about? Lime? Chilli? How do they know the flavour they are using will appeal to every Indian? Have they really thought this through?

Good questions there Rajyasree and ones that I fear will never be answered, as I doubt I’ll ever find anyone who goes to India and actually uses these condoms before they inevitably get discontinued pretty sharpish. So it goes.

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