These South African Street Performers Just Blew Our Minds With Unreal Floating Hat Tricks

Anyone have any idea how they’re making their hats float like that?

We’ve all been there at some point, standing in your bedroom mirror practising your sick hat tricks after watching a street dance video at 4 in the morning. Right? Well if not then just pretend like you have and read on, it’s worth it.

Whether you get freaked out by contortionists or not you have to admit that what they do is simply mind boggling, some of the positions these people can get themselves into would rival a veteran porn star. It doesn’t just stop there, the intricate moves these South African performers pull off also involve a little bit of street magic and of course your average floating bucket hats. So for all you girls out there, next time some pill head walks up to you with his Carhartt bucket on trying to impress you, show him this, and tell him you want to see something worth while. As well as floating hats and body displacing movements – one of the performers even licks his elbow in a mad way – these guys are obviously well rehearsed and definitely need a call up to South Africa’s Got Talent, which does exist, so why are these guys not already on it? We’ve all seen contortionists bending their heads around there knees and up where the sun don’t shine, but I’d never come across something as sick as this.

Check it out:


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