Soulja Boy And Randy Orton Are Beefing On Twitter Over Whether Wrestling Is Fake

One for WrestleMania?

When it comes to professional wrestling, I think that most of us probably realise now that the storylines and characters are all fake and scripted but that there is some level of physical pain and discomfort involved in stacked grown men and women beating the crap out of each other, even if it’s essentially choreographed.

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For some reason though, Soulja Boy isn’t happy with the way that this is being portrayed on our television sets and decided to go off on one about it on his Twitter account, saying that the rap game was faker than WWE, which caused Randy Orton to get involved and the two of them to go at it for a bit on the social media platform.

Lol that was entertaining wasn’t it? In fairness, Randy Orton is exactly right but it’s kinda weird that he’s getting so triggered and butthurt by Soulja Boy saying this stuff that he needs to engage in a beef with him about it. Just don’t engage man?

Of course, you can imagine that Vince McMahon might have even asked Randy to crank the fires so the two of them can get involved in a hastily arranged WrestleMania match tag team match this year. Definitely the only way that this is going to end up.

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