People Are Convinced That This Photo Shows The Soul Of A Dead Biker Leaving His Body

“This is amazing! You are very blessed to have captured this photo.”

This photo taken at the scene of a fatal motorbike crash over in Kentucky is going viral on Facebook, with many users insisting the photo shows the dead biker’s soul leaving his body.

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A guy named Saul Vazquez took the photo from his truck and uploaded it as so:


Somehow everyone was on board with the idea that it was the biker’s soul leaving his body – WTF:


Well no one wants to be the guy who spoils it for everyone else but I’ll just go ahead and say it – I don’t think that’s the soul of a dead biker at all. Looks like plain, boring old smoke to me. Is it shaped a bit like a human body? I suppose you could say that, yeah. But it’s important to remember that anytime there’s a bike/car crash there’s going to be smoke involved so that seems like the most logical explanation.

Also who the hell takes a picture of this kind of thing but doesn’t video it? Everyone videos everything these days. You’re telling me the one time we get a dead biker’s soul on film it’s a photo and not video? Sorry Saul Vazquez, not buying it mate.

Still, at least we’ve got definitive proof that aliens exist eh?


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