Sony Executives Are Now Convinced That The Hacks Are An Inside Job

Sony Hacks

So maybe it wasn’t Kim Jong-un after all?

Despite the fact that the blame has been firmly levelled at Kim Jong-un and his anger over the impending release of The Interview, the plot has thickened today as Sony executives are now convinced that the recent email hacks were actually an inside job.

The reason for this: apparently nobody from the outside could target the precise information on their system that was so compromising for them. The bigwigs still think that North Korea are to blame ultimately – which is backed up by the fact the Guardians Of Peace are threatening to go 9/11 on cinemas screening The Interview – just that they don’t have the hacking prowess to laser in on the most controversial information found within their email servers.

Kim Jong Un Hack

For this reason, the executive think that the hackers must have an intimate knowledge of how their email systems work,  as well as the internal configurations and IT systems, including human resources and payroll. They believe that there’s a link between recent Sony layoffs and the hackers, as many of these layoffs worked in IT and so would fit the profile perfectly as they would clearly be disgruntled with their former employees and looking to get back at them.

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