Mums Trick Their Sons Into Cat Calling & Harassing Them On The Street; Results In Physical Violence

Cat Calling

These boys got TOLD.

Cat calling has been thrust into the public eye over the last few months after that video of the girl walking around New York and being harassed by guys went viral.

Most people’s reaction to it was one of disgust and a resolution to try and be a better person, but over in Peru for some reason sports brand Everlast decided to sponsor a short video about a woman who was determined to shame cat callers in Peru into abandoning their gross ways. In order to do this she did have an absolutely sick idea to be fair – she got the mothers of notable cat caller to dress up like babes and then walk past their sons and recorded what happened.

Needless to say, the sons got absolutely annihilated by their mums and had no excuse for their behaviour. One even ended up hitting her son in the face because she was so angry with him and you can’t really say it isn’t deserved. There’s obviously the usual ambiguity about whether this is real or not, but even if it isn’t, it’s still genuinely hilarious and will hopefully help sort out those guys who are being so trashy towards girls.

Props to Everlast for getting involved with this as it is an issue that needs to be sorted out, it’s just kind of unusual that a sports brand like them would be interested in a stunt like this. It all helps though.


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