A Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Is Officially Happening And Here Is The First Image

Sons Of Anarchy

Ever since Sons Of anarchy finished a couple of years ago we’ve heard rumours of spinoff series and now it’s finally been confirmed that FX will be broadcasting a show revolving around the Mayan MC this year (Heads up this article is probably going to have SOA spoilers in it).

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Simply titled ‘Mayans MC’, the series will have an initial order of ten episodes and will revolve around a young prospect in the Mayan crew named Ezekiel ‘EZ’ Reyes who will be played by JD Pardo. It’ll follow on from the events of Sons Of Anarchy, picking up for years after the death of Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller. Who knows who we might see show up in it?

The first promo image has been released which you can obviously see at the top of this article. I assume that Reyes is at the front and that’s the rest of the Mayan crew in the back. They look tough, although I’m not sure if they’re as tough as SAMCRO. I mean you can’t get much tougher/cooler than Jax, can you?


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No, you can’t. FX president of original programming Nick Grad, said the following about the new show:

Kurt Sutter is a master storyteller and Mayans MC has the raw energy and intensity that are hallmarks of his signature style.

Thanks to Kurt, co-creator Elgin James and this amazing cast, Mayans MC builds on the legacy of Sons of Anarchy, taking it in a thrilling new direction that we can’t wait for the world to see.

Yeah, I reckon that most of the world is probably going to be pretty excited about seeing it too. No news on an air date yet, but probably sometime towards the end of the year. Can’t wait.

For more Sons Of Anarchy, check out the prequel series from last year as well. Decent.


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