Someone Has Written An Erotic Novel About The Coronavirus And It Sounds Absolutely Hilarious

Oh God.

It seems like we’ll be talking about Coronavirus/COVID-19/whatever you want to call it for the rest of our lives such has been its impact and devastation on our way of life, but I didn’t think that this would ever branch out into the realms of pornography or erotic fiction.

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This is exactly how someone called M.J. Edwards has sought to take advantage of the situation by releasing a book entitled ‘Kissing The Coronavirus’ about a female scientist named Alexa who was tasked with finding a cure for the Coronavirus but instead…..ends up falling in love with it. Not really sure of the practicalities of that, but the book has been receiving five star reviews across the board on Amazon thanks to its graphic descriptions of erotic situations.

Thankfully, a bunch of people have decided to put some of the best quotes on Twitter meaning that I don’t actually have to waste my time reading this book. Check it out:

Wow. It kind of reminds me of the episode of ‘Friends’ where Rachel decides she wants to write an erotic novel and needs 30 different words she can use instead of ‘penis’ in the book. In fact, it’s exactly like that.

Feel kinda sorry for anyone that actually read this book and probably even more sorry for M.J. Edwards having to write it. I presume that she’s in on the joke and realises how awful it all is though as well.

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