Someone Is Renting Out Their Bathroom In Berlin And The Advert Is Absolutely Insane

Wanna live in a communal bathroom?

It’s been a joke for a long long time in the UK that people will rent out absolutely anything in London for an extortionate amount of money because rental prices are so expensive (see: tent in the living room, garden shed, bunk bed in a kitchen etc) but this ‘rental opportunity’ from Berlin might be one of the weirdest ones I’ve ever seen, as they’re trying to sell you a space inside a communal bathroom.

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Can’t really say much about this to begin with so probably best if you just take a look at the ad in all its glory:

Wow. Literally so much going on there that you can’t help but think it’s fake – apparently someone has done some digging and it’s actually real though. Wow.

Yeah, I get the fact that it’s ridiculously cheap for 100 Euros a month, but I think I would gladly pay a bit more so that I didn’t have to drag my mattress out of there every day whilst everyone else went in there and showered – this also sounds like you aren’t really allowed in the other rooms of the house at other times as well – and so that my girlfriend didn’t have to sleep in the bathtub every time that she came over. Absolutely ridiculous situation to find yourself in and that’s before you even talk about the fact you’re living in a literal toilet. Bonus points for being allowed to smoke indoors though I suppose.

Best part is how they’re desperately trying to make it sound like living in a bathroom is a good idea. ‘Think about the times you were in bed and you wanted a glass of water or to pee!’ – yeah I just got up and walked down the corridor to the toilet, it’s not that much of a problem that I would seek to solve it by actually living in a toilet and I would hope that nobody else would think that too. What is April Castello on?

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