A Guy Is Renting A Flat With A Kitchen And Bathroom In The Same Room

Let me have it.

It’s well known that the rental situation in desirable world cities like New York, London, Paris and San Francisco is completely out of control, so it takes a lot for me to write about a dumb rental opportunity these days, but here we are again with another piece of completely outrageous landlording.

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This time we’re not in any of the above mentioned cities, but instead in St Louis of all places. Apparently floor space is at a premium there too as this 200 square foot flat has combined its kitchen and bathroom into one so that you have the option of a walk in wardrobe in your bedroom. At least I think that’s what these photographs are trying to describe – take a look for yourself and see what you think:

Yeah – not really sure why I wouldn’t just have the bathroom in that walk in closet instead of the walk in closet, but clearly someone thought it was a good idea to set it up like this. Maybe you couldn’t get the piping into that room so the only option was to put the bathroom in the kitchen? That kinda makes sense as the room is located in a block of flats that used to be 12 luxury apartments and is now 50, so they’re bound to be cutting some corners in the refurbishment.

Nevertheless, someone actually decided to rent this place and seems to really like it. That’s probably because it only costs £410 a month and is located in a pretty wealthy neighbourhood – just be sure not to invite any of your new wealthy friends/lovers over at any point ever in your life. That can probably be avoided though, sure.

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