Somebody Has Recreated The Royal Wedding With Dogs And It’s Way Better

Royal Wedding Dogs

Meghan Barkle.

After months of hype, the Royal Wedding finally went down this weekend and whilst you might think that that means it’s the last we’ve heard of it for a while, you would be completely wrong as there’s going to be at least a week of analysis and commentary on it. At least.

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Most of this is going to be completely and utterly useless – who cares what George Clooney was wearing, seriously – but every now and again you might find something that’s actually pretty awesome. This is one of those times, as someone has decided to recreate the royal wedding with a couple of Jack Russell dogs and as everyone knows, adding dogs just makes everything way, way better.

It’s also great because it only lasts for about two minutes as opposed for the three or so hours we were subjected to on Saturday:

Yeah, there you have it – all you need is dogs and everything becomes way less tiresome and more enjoyable. I can definitely get behind that iteration of the royal wedding and enjoy it way more now that it involves Meghan Barkle rather than Meghan Markle.

For more dogs, check out this supercut of dogs getting stoned. Fascinating.


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