Here Are Some Of The Most Insane Videos From Trump Supporters’ Assault On Capitol Hill

2021 starting off like 2020 didn’t end.

You would have to be living under a rock right now to have not heard about what’s going on in the United States right now, after a bunch of MAGA supporters decided to storm the capitol building after the Republicans lost control of the Senate following the vote in Georgia.

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I imagine most people are probably glued to their televisions looking at what’s going on over there – I recommend the NBC coverage because the anchor keeps looking like he’s about to burst into tears. Anyway, you can read about all the politics of it on some other website, we’re just gonna post up some of the craziest videos that we’ve found on the internet during the incident, mainly involving cops just letting protesters do whatever they want, including getting selfies with them:

Idiot US Capitol Insurrectionist gives full name and detailed account of the crimes he committed from r/PublicFreakout

Wow. Can’t emphasise how literally insane it is that all this is going down in America, but I suppose we can’t really be that surprised given the chaos of the last four years? Can we?

Not really sure what else to say about all this that hasn’t been said already, but the most important video there is almost certainly the one where Trump literally tells his supporters to march down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol Building and ‘fight like hell’ for their country. Don’t think anyone can really ever say that he didn’t incite all this after that speech.

Anyway, I think we all thought that Biden’s election win was the season finale of America, but it looks like they’ve saved some major curveballs for the start of the new series. Don’t think it’s over yet.

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