Sofia Coppola’s Daughter Grounded For Trying To Charter Helicopter; Reacts With Bizarre TikTok

This is unhinged.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really know much about Sofia Coppola’s private life and was unaware that she even had a daughter, but she’s blowing up all over Twitter and TikTok with this bizarre video that she made after getting grounded for trying to charter a helicopter with her parent’s credit cards.

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There’s a lot going on in this clip even though it’s only about 45 seconds long and it’s probably better for you if you just go in without too many preconceptions because it’s legitimately insane and goes all over the place. Let’s go.

Jesus Christ I know that teenagers are a bit unhinged but she really did seem like she was off on one there didn’t she? So many talking points in that video – the replacement parents, that she doesn’t know what an onion looks like, that chartering a helicopter seems like something she knows how to do – but I think the biggest one has to be just what is a vodka pasta sauce and why did she make a video where she said she was going to make one and then not even attempt to do that?

Sadly we might not ever know any of the answers to these questions as Romy Coppola (that’s her name) deleted the video and then made her TikTok private. That’s a real shame because she could have become a sort of Chet Hanks character if she had continued posting insane content like that all the time. Hopefully her parents give her back her social media accounts and we can see more from her. I’m fascinated.

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