Social Distancing Ignored Yet Again As People Gather On Westminster Bridge To Clap NHS Workers


Everyone called the people that gathered on Westminster Bridge last Thursday to clap NHS workers complete and utter idiots who were undermining the work that the NHS were actually doing with their actions, so it makes total sense that the bridge would again be packed out this week as well.

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It’s kind of crazy that people aren’t allowed to see their families or friends or even their loved ones on their death beds, but nothing seems to be done about all the people flocking to Westminster Bridge on a Thursday. Most of the time it seems like NHS workers and police are even in the shots, which makes the whole situation even stranger.

Here’s some of the best social media reaction to it all, alongside some videos:

Yeah I mean everyone there has got a point haven’t they? Why do people think that this is an acceptable activity to take part in given the current climate? Even madder that nobody is trying to disperse them as well, I guess because of the association with the NHS. Sounds like something out a Vonnegut book.

For more of the same, check out this doctor strangling an 18 year old girl for not social distancing. Not sure if that is the right answer either.


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