Snoop Dogg Raked In £5.3 Million For Starring In This Just Eat Advert

How much?!

Snoop Dogg has never been averse to plugging random products in exchange for shit loads of money, having already done adverts for Orange, Money Supermarket, Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts in the past and somehow not losing any of his rap credibility in the process.

According to Metro, he’s now banked £5.3 MILLION after filming this advert for Just Eat in his own compound in Los Angeles:

Money well spent? Well apparently it’s Just Eat’s ‘most successful advert’ ever so I guess so. Snoop is just such a certified legend and effortlessly cool dude that anything he touches turns to gold.

Susan O’Brien, global chief marketing officer at Just Eat, says:

Snoop’s remix allows us to connect with a younger consumer demographic, while also providing a bit of fun for our existing customers and fans of the original track.

We love that he’s taken something synonymous with the Just Eat brand and made it personal to him.

Not sure how many ‘young’ fans Snoop Dogg has nowadays but I guess we’ll take her word for it. Definitely resonates with all the potheads around the UK who use Just Eat to satisfy their munchies considering Snoop is the biggest bunhead in the world. The ad has over 7 million views on YouTube alone so they’ve obviously done something right.

Meanwhile, over at Deliveroo…

There’s just no comparison really, is there?

Although when it comes to beating people up in traffic, Deliveroo are definitely the bad boys of the fast food delivery game. So they’ve got that going for them at least.


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