Snoop Dogg Has Broken The Record For The World’s Largest Glass Of Gin And Juice

Snoop LArgest Gin And Juice

Snoop Dogg is well known for the fact that he enjoys smoking weed and chilling, but his most famous rap song is probably ‘Gin N Juice’ and his penchant for the beverage seems to have been forgotten with his love affair with weed much more prominent.

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It seems like Snoop himself wanted to set the record straight about this at the weekend though, as during his set at the BottleRock Napa Valley festival he decided to break the world record for the largest glass of gin and juice ever. No big deal.

Appearing with Warren G, Michael Voltaggio, Kim Kaechele and Kendall Coleman, Snoop mixed up the cocktail using 180 bottles of Hendricks gin in a glass that was five feet tall and three feet wide. They ended up making 550 litres of the stuff, which they then proceeded to drink on stage:

That’s an impressive amount of gin and juice. I’m kinda worried about what they did with it afterwards though as I doubt Snoop and his buddies would have been able to drink it all. I doubt anyone at the festival would have been able to drink it all either and it probably would have been gross and full of crap after a little bit anyhow. Imagine if it had rained as well – that would be one hell of a watered down gin and juice.

All in all it seems like kind of a waste of resources from Snoop and his buddies with very little to show for it. I suppose he did receive a certificate from the Guinness Book Of Records for his achievement but I think I would rate him more if he had made a three litre gin and juice and downed it in one. Anyone can make a massive drink and not drink it all – not that impressed by that.

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