Slowthai Issues Grovelling Apology After Sexually Harrassing Katherine Ryan At NME Awards


It was a big night for Slowthai last night at the NME awards but he proceeded to well and truly screw it up for himself by pretty much sexually harassing presenter Katherine Ryan and then trying to fight a fan. Way to blow it idiot.

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Anyway, there’s only one way you can really come back from something like this and that’s to completely own it with your apology and Slowthai has at least tried to do this with the following grovel on Twitter:

I mean if you’re gonna do something like that I suppose you have to hang your head in shame and own it and try and do better. Not sure if anyone is going to buy that though.

Katherine Ryan herself doesn’t seem too bothered about it which might count in his favour I suppose:

Even though she knows he was joking – or at least is trying to be safe about it – this might end up having an adverse reaction on his career. I kinda get the picture that he’s a kind of Oli Sykes/Conor McGregor/Boris Johnson kinda figure though and no matter how much shit he ends up doing he’s still gonna end up at the top. So it goes.

If you missed the original incident, then click here to see videos of the creepiness and then the fight. Awful.


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