Slipknot Have Unveiled Intimate Portraits Of Their Terrifying New Masks

Slipknot Masks


OK OK, I know I said yesterday when Slipknot dropped their new song that anyone getting excited about their new masks was probably a virgin living in their parent’s basement, but there seemed to be a lot of comments about them so here I am writing about them again. I guess I’m a virgin living in my parent’s basement.

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Anyway, we saw a glimpse of their masks yesterday in the video to Unsainted, but they’ve now taken the step to release portraits of them so everyone can get intimately acquainted with them. Pretty sure that’s what everyone wanted, right?

Creepy. Guess that’s what everyone wanted right? Kinda like how that one guy always has the same mask but gotta say that 0 in his weird hood looks kinda lame. Like, is that even a mask dude? Could have come back with something a bit better after five years away from the scene you know? Just saying.

If you missed the new Slipknot song, then you can find it right here. It’s a banger to be fair.


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