Skydiving Upload GoPro Video Footage Showing Their Plane Crash From Inside The Plane

This doesn’t look like fun.

I’ve never been keen on flying. This video doesn’t really sell it to me, either.

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This YouTube clip is a video filmed POV by a skydiver as him and his mates were taking off for a jump. Not long after take off, the plane had problems and ended up crashing into the ground. The footage is terrifying.

Kurt ImpactSN, who posted the video to YouTube, said:

After taking off we encountered engine issues and were forced into a muddy field.

Landing gear ripped off after hitting a ditch/mud and the plane flipped over nose first. Pilot did a good job handling a bad situation once we found ourselves in it.

Thank God the plane did not catch fire after flipping over….Everyone survived with relatively minor injuries…

Luckily, no passengers had any serious injuries, so credit to the pilot for controlling the crash enough for people to be safe. At least they never ended up stranded at sea, taking selfies.


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