Guy Takes Incredible Selfies During Plane Crash

Ferdinand Puentes took a whole bunch of awesome snaps and videos while his plane crashed in the Pacific ocean last month.

Whether you agree this move is acceptable plane crash etiquette or not, you have to respect the hell out of it. While others were screaming in terror, praying, crying and freaking out trying to put themselves in the brace-for-impact position, Ferdinand Puentes whipped out his GoPro and started taking selfies, all while his plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean last month, killing one person (Hawaii department of health director Loretta Fuddy).

“Seeing the water coming up real fast, the splash down when we hit the water,” Puentes said. “It just bit into me like am I dreaming?”

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Puentes took a whole bunch of snaps and some cool video as he and other surviving passengers and crew floated in the water. They were eventually rescued by the coast guard.

Check out Puentes’ photos and video footage:

plane crash 1

plane crash 2



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