Skydivers Almost Get Cut In Half When Airplane Doesn’t See Them And Dives To Earth

Skydivers Nearly Cut In Half

Just another reason why I’m never going to do a skydive.

You won’t ever catch me skydiving I don’t think, especially when you hear of horror stories like this and the one about the 80 year old grandma almost dying going down during them.

Basically, in this video the skydivers jump out of the plane – no big deal – but then as they’re falling towards the ground, the guy flying the plane they were in turns it around and dives it back down to Earth too. The thing is he’s got absolutely no regard for where this couple are in the air and almost chops them in half with the wing of the plane as he’s descending. Literally a foot to the right and these two would be goners.

I don’t know what the pilot was thinking, but I’m thinking I’m even less likely to go skydiving after watching this.


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