Sky History Used A Neo Nazi With A Tattooed Face In An Advert For A Woodworking Show


I can’t say that I’m a big watcher of Sky History, so I wasn’t aware that they’ve started a new reality TV competition called ‘The Chop’ where contestants compete for the title of Britain’s best woodworker.

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I am now though because whoever was in charge of the show decided to select a neo Nazi with white supremacist tattoos all over his face as a contestant and then use him in all the promo adverts for it. Real smart idea – take a look at the advert below:

Now, at first glance this dude seems like a pretty nice guy and not a white supremacist, aside from perhaps all the facial tattoos which are always going to be somewhat of a red flag. However, before anyone says that I’m jumping the gun a bit by calling him a Neo Nazi just because of his facial tattoos, it’s common knowledge that 88 is a white supremacist tattoo – it’s a numerical code for Heil Hitler – and ‘homegrown’ also has racist connotations as well. There’s a 23/16 tattoo as well which also means ‘white power’ too.

Even if the guy had those tattooed on his face for another reason, at the very least Sky History should probably address the backlash and have their social media manager reply to everyone calling them out about it or issue a statement of something. Here are just a few of the wealth of replies that they’ve received regarding the advert:

Yeah, definitely seems like he’s a neo Nazi and you can’t really argue with that interpretation after reading all of that.  I suppose there’s the possibility that he’s a reformed character and keeps the tattoos on his face as a reminder of his past mistakes or something – even though that’s a really stupid idea – but if that was the case Sky History should really have set the record straight by now.

Probably isn’t though and I’m just grasping at straws to try ant think how they could possibly have let this happen. As it stand, it just looks like a major screw up by them. Embarrassing.

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