Skier Almost Gets Obliterated By Camera Drone During World Cup Ski Race

A few more inches and this could have killed him.

Four-time world ski champion Marcel Hirscher had a lucky escape on Tuesday when speeding down an Alpine slalom race in Italy.

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The Austrian – who eventually finished in 2nd place – was on his second run when a drone carrying a camera smashed into the slope right behind him.

Watch below:

Just a freak accident? Or another prime example that Skynet is becoming a reality? We all heard about the robot vacuum cleaner that attacked that South Korean lady and started eating her head, not to mention the Japanese killer robot that got dangerously close to Barack Obama that one time. Don’t know about you but I’m switching off all electronic appliances at the mains tonight.

Shown the footage afterwards, Hirscher said:

This is horrible. This can never happen again. This can be a serious injury.



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