Robot Vacuum Cleaner Attacks South Korean Woman And Starts Eating Her Head

Robot takeover – imminent.

People have been talking about a robot rebellion for ages, and it seems like it’s finally begun. Today in Changwon City, South Korea a woman rung emergency services because her robot vacuum cleaner had “eaten” some of her hair whilst she was taking a nap on the floor. Waking up from an afternoon nap is always really weird because you never know whether you’ve slept for 3 hours or  days, and I imagine waking up to your vacuum cleaner sucking up your hair would be pretty traumatising.

At first I was confused as to why she was napping on the floor, but according to KoreaBizWire it’s a common way of sleeping in Japan and South Korea. I guess this makes them prime targets for sentient vacuum cleaners? Either way, unless they have some serious carpets over there I can’t imagine it’s nearly as comfortable as a bed. Or a sofa. Or really anything that isn’t the floor.

The Korean newspaper Kyunghyang Shinmun reported that the woman was freed by paramedics, and sustained only minor injuries, which is good. What that doesn’t take into account is the psychological damage sustained from being attacked by a vacuum cleaner.  I haven’t heard of any vacuum cleaner related PTSD cases, but if the robot takeover continues at this pace it’s surely only a matter of time. Fuck you Henry.



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