Watch This Skater Take One Of The Most Devastating Slams Of All Time


That’s gotta hurt.

When you’re watching skateboarding videos, you’re more often interested in seeing the skaters land some completely sweet tricks rather than seeing the footage of how many times they fell off their board and hurt themselves in order to nail said trick, but sometimes a slam is just too good that it has to be popularised.

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This is 100% one of those times, as skater Alex Williams unfortunately found out. He’s attempting to land a backside heelflip down some stairs, but unfortunately he botches the landing so bad that his board breaks in half which leads to both of his legs being pulled outwards so he’s in the splits position  and his balls have basically been ripped apart.

Words can’t really do it justice so just take a look at the video below and see for yourself:

Ouch. That really, really, really has to hurt. Love the reaction of the guy filming as well – he sounds like he’s in more pain than Alex Williams with his forlorn cries.

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