The Sister Of The Syrian Refugee Who Got Waterboarded Has Now Had Her Hijab Ripped Off

Pink Hijab


Yesterday we featured a pretty grim video of some Huddersfield chav beating up a Syrian refugee and waterboarding him and today we’ve discovered that this isn’t an isolated incident as more shocking footage from the area has emerged.

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This time we’re focussing on the kid’s sister who was also attending Almondbury Community School in Huddersfield. The video shows the girl wearing a pink hijab being taunted and attacked by two other girls, who then shove her to the ground and rip her hijab off.

Apparently it was filmed yesterday, but the abuse has allegedly been going on for months:

Grim. The footage was shared by 41 year old bricklayer Mirban Aslam who revealed that it was given to him whilst he was protesting outside the school by another pupil:

That video was given to me anonymously by a pupil at the school. They said it was filmed yesterday, I’m told the girl’s been assaulted numerous times.

This is the word among the students, who were apparently told not to say anything to us by the teachers and not to share any video footage.

I think that there might be a cover-up at the school. For this girl’s brother to have his arm broken by bullies and for her to be assaulted on numerous occasions to the point where she’s tried to commit suicide, there’s obviously something very wrong.

Why are they protecting the bullies? The school needs to be investigated. The system is failing to protect the victims, something has to be done.

Her brother was attacked in October and somebody was only charged this morning because of pressure from the media. I’ve got kids myself, if a child gets bullied there are protocols for schools to follow. Why aren’t those being followed here?

I mean yeah the guy has a point, but it seems like the fact these videos are being widely shared has led to some action finally as the police are saying that a 16 year old boy was charged with assault yesterday in regards to the waterboarding. No news yet on if the other bullies will be held to account, but hopefully it won’t be too long.

If you missed the original waterboarding video click here, but be warned it’s pretty grim.


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