Singer Kelsey Karter Has Got Harry Styles’s Face Tattooed On Her Cheek

Harry Styles

Looks good.

The jury is still very much out on facial tattoos with a lot of people thinking that they’re completely ridiculous and whilst I’m not one of that crowd I’ve gotta say that the woman getting a tattoo of Harry Styles face on her cheekbone isn’t doing the movement any favour because it’s absolutely awful.

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The woman is 24 year old singer Kelsey Karter – no I haven’t heard of her either – who decided to get inked up to celebrate Styles’ 25th birthday. Couldn’t have just played his songs or gone out and get drunk or something hey?

The tattoo was administered by famous LA tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste who himself seemed pretty surprised that Kelsey would want to get this. I thought when I was first reading about this that maybe Kelsey was dating him or they were friends or something as they’re both singers, but it turns out that she’s never met him so she’s more like some kind of deranged superfan.

I suppose Harry is probably gonna hear about her doing this as it’s already going viral, but I’m pretty certain he won’t want to meet her because she sounds like a complete weirdo. Probably more likely to get a restraint order.

I guess the tattoo might be good exposure for her singing career though. I mean I hadn’t heard of her before she did it so that’s at least one extra person who knows her name now. Probably worth it.

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