Sinead O’Connor Has Revealed She Never Wants To Spend Time With White People Again Following Conversion To Islam


Another bizarre Twitter rant.

Sinead O’Connor recently announced that she had converted to Islam and seemed absolutely ecstatic about it from her posts on social media and it turns out that she’s more than serious about her new religion after she came out and said that she never wanted to spend time with white people again.

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She explained her decision in a series of tweets below which seemed to become increasingly erratic and as time went by:

I mean what? It’s cool that Sinead or Shuhada seems really happy and stoked on her new religion, but you really have to question how well she’s doing mentally when she’s tweeting what is essentially nonsense/gobbledygook like this all the time. I wish her all the best but I’ve only got the feeling that things with her are probably gonna get a whole lot worse before they get a whole lot better.

For more on Sinead/Shuhada, check out this weird video she made a couple of years ago. Too much.


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