Sinead O’Connor Has Accused Prince Of Trying To Beat Her Up

This sounds terrifying.

Sinead O’Connor still manages to get in the headlines every now and again and today she’s up there again after she decided to tell a weird story about Prince trying to beat her up back in the day.

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Sinead was appearing on Good Morning Britain today and decided to expose Prince as a crazy drug addict who actively tried to beat her up because she didn’t want to be his protege. The whole story is pretty mental, so you can watch the interview below or just read some of the highlights under that:

We met once but we didn’t get on very well, we tried to beat each other up.

We didn’t get on too well. Well it was more that he was trying to beat me up and I was defending myself. It was a very frightening experience.

He summoned me to his house in Los Angeles one night and I foolishly went along not knowing where I was.

He summoned me because he was uncomfortable with the fact that I wasn’t a protégé of his as I had just recorded the song and he was wanting me to be a protégé of his, and he ordered that I don’t swear anymore in my interviews.

And Irish people swear all the time so I told him where he could go and he went for me.

Then he went upstairs and got a pillow and had something hard in the pillow and he was chasing me.

I ran out of his house and he came after me in his car, we met on the highway in Malibu at 5am, he was going around in his car and I was spitting at him and he was trying to hit me.

Geez that’s pretty out there isn’t it? Kinda crazy that she says there are multiple other stories out there about him beating up women and treating them like this though because I don’t really think anyone has ever said anything bad about him have they, just that he was a bit weird. This could lead to a whole bunch of other people coming out and exposing him and Prince getting cancelled if he isn’t careful. I guess he won’t mind about that too much considering he’s dead, but it’s still kinda nuts to think what might happen right?

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