The Silenced Automatic Shotgun Takes Out Drones Like It Ain’t Nothing

Shotgun Silenced Rapid Fire Johnny Dronehunter

Remember when we showed you this in action a couple of weeks ago? Looks even better when it’s taking out drones.

Remember this awesome shotgun that we featured a couple of weeks ago that was silenced and rapid fire and pretty much the kind of thing that you could only dream about when you used to play Duke Nukem or Goldeneye or whatever when you were a kid?

Well, it’s back again this week with some guy called Johnny Dronehunter who’s using it to blow drones out of the sky like it ain’t no big deal. We don’t really blame him either, because everyone knows drones suck – except when they’re taking awesome footage from inside fireworks displays that is.

There’s just something so awesome about seeing a beefy shotgun not make any noise as it kicks the shit out of a bunch of drones. Lots of explosions.


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