Sia Discovers Someone Is Trying To Sell Her Nude, So Leaks Them Herself

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I have never been in this situation, but it must be pretty disconcerting when you hear about someone trying to sell naked pictures of yourself on the internet. That is unless you’re Sia, who has come up with a way to completely and utterly own the situation.

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The singer learned that someone was trying to sell naked pictures of her, and instead of going mental or crying about it, she instead decided to leak them herself on Twitter to stop anyone ever making any money off it, and also make them look pretty stupid in the process. You go girl.

Apparently the paparazzi were trying to sell a picture of her standing nude with her back to the camera which was blurred in the promo shot – if you paid for that though you would get an unburied copy of it and 14 more images. Or alternatively just wait for Sia herself to tweet it to her 3.38 million followers, as she did below:

OK, so admittedly the guys who are going to pay for nudes are probably after something a little juicier than that, but you’ve still gotta admire her for even having the balls to tweet out that picture. Well played – hope that the stupid nude leaker doesn’t get any money for his photos and get sued instead. Prick.

For more Sia, check her out showing her breasts in another old Instagram post. Don’t even know why people are even trying to sell her nudes to be honest, seems like she’s perfectly happy to do it herself.


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