These Shot Glasses Are The Only Way To Commemorate Harambe’s Life

Harambe shotglasses

Take a shot for Harambe, he took one for you.

It’s been nearly four months since Harambe’s untimely death, and still the mourning period does not seem to be subsiding. The tributes continue to come in thick and fast:

That video brings a tear to my eye – what a beautiful acknowledgment of Harambe’s greatness. Still, I don’t think there’s any better way to commemorate the late gorilla’s existence than to have a drink and reminisce about all the good times this world shared with him. And soon we will be able to purchase the ultimate drinking accessory to accompany our memorial services – the Harambe shotglasses.

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Someone called Nicholas Verity has decided to start a Kickstarter page to raise funds for Harambe shotglasses. The tagline is nothing short of genius:

Take a shot for Harambe – He took one for you.

Amazingly, Nicholas made a fund goal of just $1,500, but it has already raised over $46,000. Bet he wasn’t expecting that. Reckon pretty much every household across the world is going to have a couple of these babies in their collection pretty soon. If you too would like to contribute to the Harambe shotglass Kickstarter, click HERE.

If these are out in time for Halloween, you could team it up with this sexy Harambe costume and celebrate his life in the best way possible.


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