This Sexy Women’s Harambe Outfit Is The Most Offensive Halloween Costume Of The Year

Sexy Harambe costume

Cincinnati Zoo are gonna be pissed when they see this.

OK, so I’m not sure where this picture was taken and whether this costume is for real, but either way, it’s a bloody funny concept. Someone’s decided to mock up a sexy women’s Harambe outfit, just in time for Halloween.

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I’m guessing there are going to be quite a few Harambe tributes this year, but I don’t think any will be quite as offensive or ridiculous as this.

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That can’t be real can it? I love the banana handbag – what a touch. I bet Cincinnati Zoo would NOT be happy about this if they saw it.

Can’t decide what’s worse – the sexy Harambe costume or Cecil the Lion?

Cecil the Lion costume

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Speaking of Cecil, I wonder who would win in a fight between him and Harambe?


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