Shia LaBoeuf’s New Film From The Writer Of ‘Training Day’ Looks Completely Sick

It’s called ‘The Tax Collector’.

Shia LaBeouf is a weird one because despite the act he starred in about ten Transformers movies and everyone laughed at him when he said he wanted to start making weird indie movies, he actually made a bunch of good ones and now everyone takes him seriously and thinks he’s pretty cool – that doesn’t happen too often.

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His latest movie comes from writer/director David Aja, who was responsible for some of the best cop/gang movies of the last two decades in ‘Harsh Times’, ‘End Of Watch’ and ‘Training Day’ and it looks like ‘The Tax Collector’ is going to follow a similar theme. LaBeouf plays Creeper, a guy who works for an LA crime lord called the Wizard and is responsible for collecting his cut of profits from the various gangs in the region, which can get a little complicated if the trailer is anything to go by.

Take a look below and see what you think:

I mean that looks pretty silly doesn’t it, but given Aja’s track record in these things it’s more than likely gonna turn out pretty decent. Looks like Shia is playing exactly the same kind of bigger character that Christian Bale played in ‘Harsh Times’ as well which should be a hoot.

Only thing about David Aja is that he was also responsible for the debacle that was ‘Suicide Squad’, but nobody ever really seems to mention that when discussing his resume. I think we can let him off though given all of his other movies were so good and this is likely to follow in their footsteps. Looking forward to it.

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