Leaked Videos Show Shia LaBeouf Go On Absolutely INSANE Racism Rant

Shia LaBeouf

And it was all over some goddam French Fries.

Shia LaBeouf got kicked out of a bowling alley over in Los Angeles earlier this week for going on an absolutely insane rant over some French Fries.

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According to an eyewitness, Shia had been drinking heavily over at Pinz before getting into an argument with the staff when they told him to leave. Things got so heated that Shia ended up calling one of the guys, “a fucking racist”. The first clip shows him going off about French Fries, while the second shows him leaving after getting his shoes back:

It’s currently unclear why Shia was calling this guy a racist, but if his past meltdowns are anything to go by, I reckon Shia was just using this opportunity to confuse the whole world. He is the troll king, after all.

Or maybe it’s because his recent movie only took in £7 at the UK box office. That’s gotta sting.


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