The Winner Of Oprah’s Scholarship For Black Men Turns Out To Be White Guy Pretending To Be Black

Well, that’s embarrassing.

A key activist in the Black Lives Matter movement and the recipient of an Oprah Winfrey scholarship reserved for black men only has been lying about being black all along, according to reports.

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Shaun King had claimed in past interviews that his dad is black and his mum is white, and even claimed he’d been a victim of a horrific hate crime when he was younger. He does a lot of work campaigning against police brutality, so respect to him for that at least, but there’s no denying the evidence against him is totally suspect.

Here’s Shaun King:


Shaun 2

Here’s his dad:

Shaun King Dad

His brother:

Shaun King Bro

His mum:

Shaun King Mum

His birth certificates:

Birth 1 Birth 2

The most damning evidence is obviously the birth certificates which have him listed as white, but obviously the photos of his family members aren’t doing him any favours either.

King has refused to answer any questions but has been Tweeting about how he’s the realest guy around no matter what anyone says:

The talk show host Montel Williams (remember him?) tried to get a straight answer out of him but King just ignored him and instead compared his situation to when people tried to out Barack Obama as a non-American.

So at the most, Shaun King looks like a mixed race dude and also happens to have a name which sounds like it could belong to a black person. For some reason he’s still insisting he’s mixed race but I don’t think many people are buying it at this point. Just admit the truth and be done with it dude, no one will care in another week.

Just ask the NAACP President who herself was a white woman pretending to be black her whole life, before getting spectacularly busted during a live TV interview. Awkward.


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