Shaquille O’Neal Has A New Conspiracy Theory About The Moon



Shaquille O’Neal might quite widely be regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but since his retirement he’s been getting more publicity for being a grade A dumbass and a massive Flat Earther.

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Shaq was appearing on ‘Inside The NBA’ on TNT with colleagues Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith the other day when he decided to debut a new conspiracy theory that he had been working on regarding the moon. Get a load of this and pay special attention to how easily it’s debunked by
his co-hosts as well:

I have a new theory, there’s more than one.”

Just just just, let me tell you my theory.

The other day I was riding, past Auburn as a matter of fact.

And the moon was on the left.

And I keep going straight, didn’t make any turns.

About 20 minutes later the moon was behind me.

There’s more than one moon.

Then in another 45 seconds the moon was on my right.

Wow. It seems fairly obvious there that the road Shaq was on probably curved around even though it felt like he was going straight. Or that because both Shaq and the moon were moving that they ended up in different places positionally.

This is hardly ocket science – it’s literally just spatial awareness of how something will be in a different location relative to you if you move around it. Back to the drawing board Shaq.

For more of the same, check out when Shaq slid into a fan’s DMs. Not for the faint hearted.



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